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10 February 2010

Movie Review: "Young@Heart"

 I was excited to see this movie come to our dollar theatre! I have been wanting to see it ever since I saw the trailer. It is such an inspiring film that illustrates what talents our senior citizens have, no matter their age or ability.

My sister and I had planned to go, but I drug my niece to the late show, knowing with her love for music, that she would enjoy it.

As we watched we became attached to these fantastic people who warmed our souls, had our feet a shaking, our eyes tearing and singing along to tunes, that for them, were foreign at one time.

Without giving the story away, I just want to say, rent it and take tissue...

Probably my most favorite song: Warning: Tissues needed

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LisasOwnBlog said...

Gotta see this one! Loved the song.