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06 March 2010

It's Oscar Time at SwagBucks!

The Academy Award ceremony, otherwise known as The Oscars will be held this Sunday, March 7th. Lots of buzz has been happening for months now about a majority of the films involved and now we'll finally get to see who will take home the golden bald dudes.

Let's have some fun with it!

Predict who you believe will win in each category and the following Monday, TSG will run a code for 2 hours whose value will be determined by your accuracy in these polls. For each poll that Swag Nation collectively answers correctly, that'll be 3 Swag Bucks added on to the Swag Code. So if you get only 1 right, 3 Swag Buck code, 5 right, 15 Swag Buck code. 8 right, 24 Swag Buck code. Get all 10, 30 Swag Buck code.

These polls will close as soon as the Oscar ceremony begins.

Good luck, Swag Nation!

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